Our Journey

Well here's our journey so far.  From the age of 8 I have been cooking for my family.  Growing up in Colombia I enjoyed fantastic street foods but also our traditional cuisine.  When I moved to the Isle of Wight I enjoyed the change to English food, but I did miss my Colombian favorites, so I tried to make my favorite street foods but it has taken a while to find certain ingredients here to get the authentic taste.  Well we've done it, we have this amazing selection of Colombian cuisine for you to try and we will add more as we perfect it.

Hope you enjoy the taste of Colombia.


Here's a bit about our food

Hi, I'm Karito and I'm from Colombia.

Colombia is a diverse country. It has beautiful coasts on the Caribbean and the Pacific and also has lust dense rain forests and the soaring Andes mountain range. So with that in mind you can understand that the food has a wide and diverse nature too.  The main food that we do is from the mountains, but we also embrace food cultures from across the country so you get a real taste of Colombia.  There is also a big fusion food scene with foods from across the world and so we also tweak some other dishes with our Colombian twist. 

Unlike Mexican food, Colombian food is not hot and spicy.  Some dishes do have chilies, but in general the food is mild but full of flavour.

Colombian cooking uses mainly maize flour and tapioca flour, and so all our food is naturally gluten free.

You can order anytime for collection Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings between 5:00PM and 8:00PM.