Allergen information

We are very aware about the requirements for allergen control and work hard to give the correct information.  My husband that works alongside me went into anaphylactic shock after eating prawns and shortly after that was diagnosed with coeliac disease about 10 years ago.  Since then he has become allergic to many foods and so we have to be very careful with food preparation and storage so we fully understand those of you that have allergies.

Our famous chocolate brownie is made using ground almonds which now has a warning that they may contain traces of other nuts, including peanuts, so please be careful.  Our kitchen is always cleaned after making the brownie and our savory dishes are made on a different day, but because we use the almond flour in the same kitchen we can never guarantee 100% that the kitchen is free of nuts. 

We will have a list here soon of all our dishes with their allergens but in the meantime please give us a call if you have any queries regarding allergies.